you know when you start watching a show and you look at the characters and wonder who is going to be your favourite

and it comes the moment when you understand and you look at them and go


you are my baby

and then they die

AoS + text posts [5/?] - Jemma Simmons Edition


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You ever think you’re over something and then it’s like no, nope, still bitter. Going to live and die on this hill, this is my home now.

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Wtf the hell

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agents of shield meme
[3/4] relationships: skye, fitz, and simmons

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Elsa’s magic becomes uncontrollable when she’s afraid, and it could be easy for an actor to overplay the “fear” aspect of this character. But Haig made Elsa’s fear feel like real anxiety, which is what this character is all about. Elsa is a woman who lives in a constant state of worry that something will make her so afraid that she’ll lose control again, and that’s something people with anxiety can strongly relate to. It’s also something Haig captured perfectly—that fear of yourself and who you are when your anxiety is at its worst. (x)


favorite character meme: [1] favorite character

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season 3 appreciation weekends

4) favorite character [1/2]

Sir, I know the protocol in these circumstances… but could you please tell my dad firstI just think my mum would take it better if it comes from him.